Interview with Boey, the Artist Who Draws on Foam Coffee Cups!

Every morning we take a cup of coffee and leave it there forgotten, without paying much attention to it. But there is someone who sees in them much more than a drink. That is Boey, a Malaysian artist that uses foam coffee cups as a canvas for his amazing drawings.

Disposable Foam Coffee Cups… How?!

I first got the idea when I was in a coffee shop. I needed to write something down but I didn’t have paper with me. The next best thing was a cup. It was white, blank like a canvas. I took it and wrote something down, also drew something on the side. Later then, I started to draw on more cups.

How many foam cups do you think you’ve turned into art? Approx…

Approx… 200?

Do you keep all the cups you draw on at home?

Yes. I put each one in little acrylic boxes with name tags.

Is there any special one for you, that one you won’t ever give away, sell or throw away no matter what.

There are those i wont sell, just because no one is willing to pay for that asking price. some of them are very time consuming, and to price the work for the time it took to produce, will make it extremely costly. most people cant look beyond the fact that its sharpie on a disposable foam cup, let alone pay thousands for it.

Quite curious, are they always new clean cups or sometimes…

No. I got the cups from everywhere. Some of them are new, some are used. Each cup is very different., especially the used one. It’s quite a good feeling to draw on something others consider “trash”, and turn it into something that shines.

What inspires you?

Everything happened in my life. I always carry a piece of paper of blank cups just in case new ideas stroke me so I can write them down immediately.

Which is the best part of your work?

Sometimes I spent weeks on a cup, when it’s about 90% finished, I would make a wrong stroke and destroyed the whole piece. The challenge is very addictive, and it’s the best part of my work. I thrive on adventures, and depicting them on coffee cups are my way of telling the story.

In this gallery pyou can enjoy more Boey’s cups. ¡But there is much more! We recomend you ti visit his super web site JUST AMAZING!

Thanks for sharing the magic behind your cups with us!

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