Belair Q&A with The Phoblographer

2012-10-30 1

The Phoblographer fired off some questions our way regarding the new Belair X 6-12. Find out more after the jump!

Credits: pasqualecaprile

Can’t get enough of the new Belair? Wanna know more inside info about this bellowed beauty? Then we suggest you read this recent Q&A we did over at The Phoblographer! Here’s a sneak peek:

Tell us about the lenses; optically, what about them makes them so sharp?
We take advantage of aspherical plastic optic to create 2 ultra-compact lenses: wide angle lens (90mm) and ultra wide angle lens (58mm) and pushed the possibility of the aspherical plastic optic to the limit.

Again, huge thanks to our friends over at The Phoblographer for this awesome Q&A regarding the Belair X 6-12!

We love medium-format photography. That’s why we’ve developed the Belair X 6-12; an entirely new 6×12 film camera that will bring an amazing level of lens quality to Lomographers. This stylish jet-setting camera combines all the stunning features of a panoramic, medium-format camera without the excessive size. You can also head on over to the FAQ section or the microsite for more information.

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  1. sixsixty
    sixsixty ·

    Glad you answered the question about the sunny and cloudy symbols! That was tripping me up since you first showed these cameras.

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