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While you shopping for vegetables do you consider where the produce you’re plonking in your basket is from? For Singapore, the good news is that over 7% of vegetables will be grown locally from now on! More fresh, local vegetables also means good business for farmers and market vendors. But where exactly is there space in this densely populated city to harvest sed crops?

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The first commercial vertical farm in the world sprouted in Singapore! It was opened by local Sky Greens farm, who are based at their high-tech farm in 42 Kallang Place. It consists of 120 aluminum towers, each extending to 9 metes in height. Trays of varying kinds of vegetable adorn these towers which can produce up to 500 kg of three kinds of vegetables per day. Although it’s a little more expensive compared to importing vegetable from other countries, it’s sustainable and cuts down on the energy (jet fuel etc.) used to transport produce overseas to our locale. It’s also, not to mention, given local farmers and the community pride in the fact the veggies are grown locally!

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So far there are 120 “farms” which Sky Greens hopes to raise to 300 by next year.

Lee Yi Shyan, Senior Minister of State for National Development and Trade and Industry, told Channel News Asia that they are always looking at ways to increase their sources of food supply. Therefore, if there’s the possibility to grow food in Singapore, meet local demand, maintain the quality standards we’re used to at no extra cost then why not!

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Any ideas for your dinner plans yet? Local vegetables could be one of your choices tonight!

And if you have any Lomography pics to share with us taken of the vertical farms please do so in the comments below!

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