Testing the Tiger Cub: Lomography Color Tiger 110 Film


First, Lomography launched a new 110 format film in Black and White (Lomography Orca 110) and then they launched a new 110 format camera (Fisheye Baby 110), so everybody was sure that they would launch a color 110 format film. And so it was. The colorful Tiger cub is here.

Credits: deprofundis

Is this camera familiar to you? The Kodak Pocket Instamatic is twice as large as a compact digital camera of nowadays. It was one of the most well-liked 110 format cameras in the 1980’s and remained popular into the 1990’s. But since then it fell in disuse. Lately it was very difficult to get 110 film. In fact, this format of film stopped being produced in 2009.

But in last May, Lomography recovered the 110 format film when they launched a 110 format film in Black and White, which they called “Orca”. They also launched the Fisheye Baby 110 camera and I was sure that they would launch a color 110 format film so I decided to wait for it. First I thought of recovering my brother´s Kodak Instamatic but suddenly I found this beautiful Holga Micro 110.

At least, they announced the launch of the Lomography Color Tiger 110 and I ordered 6 rolls last July. I had a lot of problems with Spanish postal service and the pack finally arrived in September.

So next weekend I went to the Teide National Park. At noon we were walking around an area with white sand son the photos are very bright.

Credits: deprofundis

In the afternoon we were in other area with darker colors and we were playing with a mirror. The photos I took here are my favourite shots of the roll.

Credits: deprofundis

Finally, when the sunset was coming we arrived to El Médano beach and I tested the film with less light. You can notice the film grain but I love the results anyway.
In short I give it a good grade and I will get new 110 format cameras to test the Tiger film indoors or with flash.

Credits: deprofundis

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    Great fotos and useful test ...<:)

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