Needles//Pins Lomokino Music Video 'Drop It' shot by Nick Benidt & Brittany Maisonneuve


Vancouver-based rock band Needles//Pins released their single ‘Drop It’ from their 2012 album ‘12:34’ and looked to Lomographers Nick Benidt and Brittany Maisonneuve to translate their song into a super neat music video. Of course, it was shot on the Lomokino! Check out what Nick had to say about this shoot!

Names: Nick Benidt & Brittany Maisonneuve
LomoHome: brittany
Location: Toronto, Canada

I met Adam (guitar), Tony (bass) and Massey (drums) of Needles//Pins this July while they were on a cross-Canada tour promoting their new album, “12:34”. During one of my excursions to London, Ontario, I was looking for something to go to kill some time. After a quick text to a friend of mine, I ended up at Call The Office, a rock and roll bar. I got to the bar in time to hear about 30 minutes of the last band, Needles//Pins, who had been on the road for a week or two from Vancouver. I’m originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota – home of The Replacements, who happen to be my favourite band. Needles//Pins had a bit of Replacements’ sound/vibe to them. They also reminded me of The Nils from Montreal from the same time period. As soon as they finished playing, I met them at their merch booth and bought the last copy of their 7" single. A little later, I talked with them at the bar, had a few drinks…& the rest was history! (Stay tuned for more on how this went down!)

My girlfriend, Brittany, and I both own Lomokinos. I had been wanting to shoot something with it, but wanted to find the right content/idea – been saving it for a rainy day.

In my video work, I always try to do something new and different, not to repeat myself. I’ve always wanted to do a skate video, but I don’t skate and I don’t know any skaters in Toronto. One night at a local bar in The Junction, where I live, I was talking to a skater who was friends with my friend who was bartending that night. I asked him if I could film him and his friends sometime. It didn’t happen till weeks later, but the bartender, Dale, helped organize and fund my project. As soon as I had been presented the opportunity to film skaters, It all clicked. I knew that it would be for ‘Drop It’ and I knew that I would use the Lomokino. The song just reminds me of skating – a nice summer day with friends, beers and skating. The stop motion aesthetic of the Lomokino was exactly what I had in my mind for the song.

So Britt and I loaded up the 2 Lomokinos and had Ngozi, the main skater in the video, take us around to some parks/spots. We shot 2 days. The first didn’t go so well. I did get a lot of insert shots/b-roll that day which was good. But we made up for it the second day. That’s when we went to the skate park at Dundas and Bathurst, nicknamed ‘Dun-Bat’ by local skaters. This is where we got all the really sick footage of guys on half-pipes and stuff. Ngozi was friends with a lot of the guys, so he was our in.

Check out the video below:

Stay tuned for some more behind-the-scenes features!

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For more information on Needles//Pins, check out their main website

Check out Nick’s vimeo for more of his video work

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