Lightpainting During the LomoRoadShow in 'The Clocktower'

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After Utrecht, the Hague, Ameland, Gent, and Groningen, the LomoRoadShow drove all the way to Eindhoven! On Friday the 12th of October we went to the city of light and claimed ‘The Clocktower’ as our own!

Joeri spacing between his own lightpainting.

At 10 am mrmaart, miss_madri, anna-lomo and joers – the Amsterdam representatives of the LomoRoadShow CREW – met up at the Lomography Gallery Store Amsterdam for a last check of the illustrious plan. After 1 or two espresso’s we filled the car with Lomolicious gear and we set off to the Dutch city of light!

Lomographers kamiraze, fritssi and counterintelligence were our extra awesome sidekicks for this day. Especially Niels a.k.a. kamiraze was a huge asset. He would be our guide in the wondrous world of lightpainting.

Before we run off into the dark with blinking lights we’ll update you about the awesome location we got to claim as ours for the day: ‘het Klokgebouw’ (The Clocktower). It used to be the center of the most well known electricity company from the Netherlands; Philips. It’s still an impressive location and you can already see it when you exit the train. All the way at the top of the building there’s a tower we got to use for our kick off.

We where just getting all the Diana F+ cameras and attributes (little lights in different colors amongst other things) ready when the first people came wandering into the venue. A little over 2 om we started with a full room of over 40 enthusiastic Lomographers.

After a speedy little course ”What the hell is Lomography” and a condensed “Diana F+ workshop”, we gave the stage to our fellow Lomographers. With some slides they had prepared joers, kamiraze, fritssi and counterintelligence counterintelligence showed everyone their best and worst photographs and explained why they love Lomography so much.

kamiraze instantly made the leap to the subject of the day: Lightpainting. Which is, as the word suggests, painting with light. But how?! To put it simple: you have a veeeeeeeeery long exposure time in a dark surrounding and use your creativity and lights to create images. Stuff you could use: glowsticks, lighters, torches, bicycle lights, your phone… Pretty much anything that has a source of light in it.
Just keep your shutter open and start painting! A great tip from the experienced lightpainter kamiraze: take your time. Don’t hurry. The shutter will be open as long as you want it to be.

The group!

Great story eh? But where was the real action? After explaining the basics to everyone it was time to test the theory! In sets of 2 people where equipped with a Diana camera and two 100 iso films to do their own experimenting. After descending 7 flights of stairs we ended up in the loading bay area. A huge room that we got almost entirely dark (save a few emergency exit signs). Let the lightpainting begin!

We didn’t have to say that twice cause everyone headed off and made the most amazing images possible. We danced, lit fireworks, used our glowsticks as if it was a 90’s rave and one of the participants even had a smokebomb with him! It was total chaos, which we love!

Lightpainten in the grand hall of the Clocktower

It’s great to experiment with light but we wanted to up the ante. So we added a little rumble to the day by giving some assignments. With these 3 challenges we got so many awesome artworks made!

  1. Write your name
  2. Draw something musical
  3. Draw your hobby or passion
  4. Bonus: Draw something that reflects your LOMOLOVE.

After a good time of debating we’ve decided these guys win with their pictures:

Mark & Hub

In this picture they left the shutter open for quite some time and they really took their time to draw chords and sheet music. That’s why they’re getting rewarded with 15 piggies!

And because we don’t only love the winning picture and there where so many awesome photographs we want you to see them to:

A few pictures Frank + Anke made:

A picture by Iris + Tanja:

A picture by Jeroen + Katja:

A few pictures by Lana:

And some other pictures by Mark + Hub:

A few pictures by Maurice + Suzan:

A picture by Sarah:

A few pictures by Senne:

Two pictures by Sharan:

With shutter times going up to 5 minutes time really did fly and around 5 pm it was time to close the day together. The waiting started for our pictures and after they came back from the LomoLab we where very pleasantly surprised!

We loved being in Eindhoven and we hope you guys had fun too. Eindhoven, we will definitely come back!

Of course the LomoRoadShow will drive on to another location! Rumor has it that the next stop will be Antwerp in December. Are you coming with us?


… oh, we also sneaked in a picture of the amazing view the tower room gave us. It’s such a great building and surrounding, we really do urge you to shoot a few rolls of film there if you’re close.

Or even better: write a Lomo Location about it and cash in on some of those delicious porky piggies!

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    No photo link? I want to show some love to these folks :D

  2. mrmaart
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    @lokified - go to /homes/joers !

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