To Russia with Love: A Place Where 3 Bridges Meet

2012-11-05 2

A place for dreaming. This is one of my favorite places in St Petersburg – a place where 3 bridges meet, in the heart of the historic city center. It is close to all the major tourist attractions such as the Church of the Savior on Blood, Field of Mars, and many others, two of St Petersburg’s most beautiful canals meet and three bridges, which cross them come together in one.

Made of cobblestones, they form a little square, which offers a 360-degree panorama of all the best things the city has to offer.

There is a legend that if you stay right in the center of this bridges junction and close your eyes then make a wish, this wish will come true.

Maybe that’s why it is now a top destination for all the city’s weddings. Many newlyweds come here believing that these bridges will make their union last forever. You can rarely pass this place without seeing at least one wedding. And even if the bridge is empty, you can always see lots of empty champagne bottles, as well as broken glass – there is a belief that newlyweds should break their glasses after drinking champagne because it will bring luck.

When you are done making your wishes and admiring newlyweds, I suggest that you walk around any direction, either by Moika canal or Griboyedov canal (named after one of the Russian writers), both of which are just like an open-air museum, offering lots of architectural jewels.

You can take a boat trip, too. Make sure to pick the one without the excursion in Russian, which is quite a common thing.

Church of the Savior on Blood is very much worth a visit. It has a very troubled history. It was nearly destroyed during the early years of the communist rule and was then used as a storage area for cabbage and
potatoes. Thankfully, it is now fully restored and open to visitors.

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