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Finnish mythology is still prevalent among today’s generation. They believe a star’s path is charted by the North Star which appeared when the world formed from the explosion of a waterfowl’s egg! Finnish Photographer Mikko Lagerstedt shows the dark fairy tale like landscape of this Nordic country through long exposure techniques in his series’.

Image via Mikko Lagerstedt

Mikko Lagerstedt, a self-taught photographer from Finland, has been photographing since 2008. He’s inspired to create beautiful landscapes by virtue of mythology. His series of photographs includes Atmoshphe, Dream and Night. Although it’s much too hard to see the beautiful night sky in urban areas, the untouched lands and skies of the North retain awe rendering sights such as these.

Image via Mikko Lagerstedt

This is a picture from Lagerstedt’s newest photographic series “The Edge”. It’s important to present as accurate a depiction as possible when recreating the environment in ones photography. Taking long exposures requires extreme patience and calculation in order to produce a clear night view. Here are some tips on Long Exposure and Star Trail Photography in our Magazine:

Always make sure your framing and composition is good to start with before holding down on the shutter button for that elongated period of time!

Image via Mikko Lagerstedt

The process can often be more interesting than the resulting photograph. Why not plan a photo-trip to the country side with your friends and try out the long exposure technique while basking in the beauty of nature!

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