The Great Lomo LC-A Race Missions: Stage Seven


With this round’s Great Lomo LC-A Race Mission, you’re going to need all the night you can get so better pack a sturdy tripod or an improvised beanbag!

All of the previous missions didn’t exactly necessitate any future planning. If you’re just walking along and see a scene that you can use, you just shoot. Not today! For our Seventh Mission for The Great Lomo LC-A Race, you’re going to need a tripod, some surface to balance the camera or some unbelievably steady hands! We want to see nightscapes and long exposures. The longer the better! No matter how normal your hood might seem in the morning, it will look stunning at night, bathed in an eerie glow. What about the LC-A+’s lightmeter you ask? Well, you can have it calculate your exposure time or you can just cover it and you got yourself a DIY bulb mode! The winning photo will be rewarded with 50 Piggy Points to be distributed evenly to all your team members (5 Piggy Points each).

Meet our Race Jury and read up on further race clarifications!

  • Prize(s): 50 Piggy Points split to members of the team with the winning photo (or photo set)
  • Film/Camera Type: Only shots taken with the supplied race Lomo LC-A unit during the time period of November 9, 2009 to November 23, 2009. Participants should turn over cameras to the next participant by November 23, 2009 but submissions for the seventh mission are allowed until November 30, 2009. Only stage 7 participants of the Lomo LC-A Race are allowed to submit in this rumble.
  • Remember to turn on your GPS unit while shooting!

Please check out the GPS Software download link here And the accompanying help section on how to operate the GPS unit. Further details will follow soon as to how you could upload the GPS location data.

  • Upload Limit: 10 photos
  • Minimum Photo Dimensions: Submissions must be at least 768px in either width or height.
  • Tags must be completed with the following details for eligibility: Team name (ex. North America Team 1) and the mission stage tags: transport lomo lc-a race mission
  • By submitting your photos to this rumble, you allow to use your submitted photos for promotional purposes.

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  1. spendospend
    spendospend ·

    nice!!! go steve!!!!

  2. vtayeh
    vtayeh ·

    Cool Mission! Go Team Shutterbugs!!!

  3. bikepht
    bikepht ·

    Oh wow this is going to be fun!!!!!!!!

  4. ananditya
    ananditya ·

    i bet this one gonna be hard to judge

  5. misskhali
    misskhali ·

    hope i'm gonna receive the lc-a very soon to shoot some xtra long exposures!

  6. jerjer
    jerjer ·

    its your turn mikoy! good luck!

  7. kboboland
    kboboland ·

    c'mon, America!

  8. misskhali
    misskhali ·

    just on time to enter the mission... too bad i didn't have more than 1 roll and a week end to make some long exposures...

  9. bikepht
    bikepht ·

    Hey Ron or Jury members,

    I forgot to include my photo locations when I first uploaded my photos and entry into the contest. I just made edits to the locations and added them.

    Will adding them late effect my chances of winning?

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