My Childhood in Analogue: Super 70's!

2012-10-29 2

Jimmy Carter was president of the USA, Thatcherism was just around the corner in the UK, Star Wars was bursting onto the big screen, disco was in the throes of its death, I was born, and the world would never be the same again.

Who’s that pretty little girl – oh sorry, he’s a boy?!?

The Kodak Instamatic was, arguably, the point and shoot of the day and I’m guessing many of these pictures were shot with 110 film. You can see the ‘flash cube tint’ in some of them.

Pictures were not shot so readily in the 70’s, color film and processing were expensive so people reserved their cameras for special occasions. Majority of the shots in our albums are of special occasions, birthdays, Christmas, holidays, and trips out.

Credits: adam_g2000

My memory of my youth isn’t so good, there are gaping holes in it but I do remember very vividly, the special occasions. Christmas was always wonderful, my brother and I were always spoiled rotten, you can’t see the floor with all the wrapping paper in some of these pics.

Credits: adam_g2000

We lived at a time before daycare, mothers stayed home and looked after their children, there are so many pictures of her playing with me and teaching me words.

Credits: adam_g2000
Look at that size of that thing! Guaranteed to have been removed due to health and safety standards.

Many of the pictures in those albums feature relatives I cared for very much, and really miss. Loss is inevitable in life as nothing lasts forever, and so looking through these pictures is bittersweet.

It’s wonderful to have the memories, but I feel the sting of loss looking through them. Perhaps there is some irony then, when you flip them over, every, single, photo has this written on the back…

“This paper, manufactured by Kodak”.

The inevitable ‘Mall Professional’ shot. Still manufactured by Kodak.

For everyone who ever loved me and is no longer here. Thank you.

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  1. lomo-graf
    lomo-graf ·

    Thank you for sharing your memories with us! Great shots, I love them all.

  2. neanderthalis
    neanderthalis ·

    Great shots. I think all my photos from that era are lost. We have moved so many times, nobody is sure where they are anymore.

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