Autumn Leaves All Around Warming the City

2012-10-30 1

Autumn is here and with it, brought cold winds and warm colors. Leaves are falling and the red, orange, and yellow are taking over. Soon, everything will be brown and sad.

Credits: -alia-

In one of the last, not-so-cold days of the year, I took my ride and headed south. The sky was gray but I knew that I had to go there that day if I wanted to catch some leaves on the trees. It’s a very fast process, the leaves falling in Amsterdam, because there’s a lot of wind. On my way there, autumn was already very visible in every canal and every avenue. But if I wanted to catch this season in its splendor, I needed to go to the park; more precisely, to this landscape park in the outskirts of Amsterdam, the Amsterdamse Bos.

Credits: -alia-

Arriving at Amsterdamse Bos (Amsterdam Wood) you’ll get immediately involved with the majesty of nature and its smells, sounds, and colors. Every year, millions of people visit the forest, mostly from Amsterdam and surrounding areas. The project took 23 years to finish and it consists of 137km footpaths, 51km cycle paths and 50 bridges. The Bos is one of the largest city parks in Europe, and it has 150 indigenous species of trees and more than 200 species of birds.

Trees, trees, and more trees around you, losing their leaves, getting naked and lonely, creating new landscapes that portrait this season named Autumn. Let’s enjoy its magic because leaves are all around.

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