UK Halloween Traditions: Get Dressed Up and Go Out Partying!


One of the main traditions in the UK around Halloween, is to don your finest scary costume, and go to a nightclub for a night of drinking and dancing and trying not to let your facepaint melt in the heat!

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Halloween is kind of my favorite time of the year on Facebook, as it is by far the most interesting time for profile photos. Even those people who normally have an arm’s length photo of themselves pouting can be seen as dead cheerleaders and the like. This is because it is fairly customary here in the UK to get all dressed up and go out to a pub/club in your fancy dress outfit, with many places offering a prize for the best one. Sadly I couldn’t make it out this year for “Halloween Saturday” so I decided to stay in and write this article instead, sharing some costumes from years gone by.

Credits: kneehigh85

For me, this tradition of really dressing up and going out started during my uni days back in 2004 where costumes ranged from fairly mundane things like devils and witches through to the truly terrifying – chavs! Since uni finished, and I have had more money (plus Dave threw out my go-to witch costume), the outfits have become a bit more elaborate and interesting. Like last year, when the 4 people living in my house decided to go as “Kiss My Anthia” from the movie “Role Models”.

Credits: fletchinski84

Unfortunately this was the year I got so drunk and I dropped my LC-A and dislodged the battery so none of my photos came out, these are borrowed from fletchinski84, although he was also fairly drunk. Sadly the best photo of the evening can be seen below, but it is an iPhone shot taken by my friend Adam.

The year before this, I had spent a long time thoroughly disgruntled about not being able to acquire any white contact lenses so I could go as a zombie in my pajamas. I ended up with a pretty freaky red swirly set though, so ended up going as a kind of freaky sad clown instead. My drinking buddies this night included Wednesday Addams, a vampire, devil, and another clown.

Credits: kneehigh85

Prior to that, I had been using a digital camera since leaving university so I haven’t got any analogue shots of the years between 2007 and 2010. I can confirm however, that there were a lot of zombie based outfits, as this is my go-to scary costume. Below are a few shots from last year’s zombie prom, because at Halloween, you can never have enough zombies really!

Credits: kneehigh85

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