A Tossed Coin Connected the Fisheye 2 and Me Together


I flipped a coin in the air, telling myself that “Heads” is for “Let’s go” and “Tails” for “Letting go”. Hence, the story begins.

I remember I had a quarrel with my mum the day before. I cashed out all the money in the bank, and gave it back to my dad. I told him I don’t need to spend his money, I can survive with my own loan. He was stunned, but with a bit of an evil smile. I guessed he must be thinking that I would beg for the money from him soon. And now, when I look back at my stupid action or so-called “determination” at that time, I was thinking that I used to be so innocent and funny. But then I understood why my dad smirked.

The next morning, the toss of a twenty sen coin sent me to a place – Georgetown in Penang. That was my first time going to a strange place, alone. I went via a shuttle bus. My eyes were searching for a 7-Eleven, which was the place I should stop at, as my friend told me.

A street called Love Lane. A guesthouse named Love Lane Inn. And an unfriendly aunty in charge at the reception counter. I asked for the rate of a single room and left. But then I came back when I found that the one in Love Lane Inn was the cheapest at RM18.00 per night.

I took the map drawn by the aunty. Oh yeah, she treated me well and became friendly after I became a guest under her roof. She explained to me the way to go for some interesting places. I kept on nodding. In fact, I don’t want her to spend too much time on me talking about the map as I knew my terrible sense of direction. It would get me lost in this town no matter what.

I knew myself so well. I got lost in the town, eventually. I wanted to watch a movie, but ended up rounding the same streets several times. Nighttime was coming. I started to get worried. With the help of a different version of maps and through the local people there, I finally got back to Love Lane. My dinner at the street stall nearby, with a cup of watermelon juice, I can still remember.

That was in October 2010, two years ago. Time flies. Every time when I look back at this time, I feel like I am still the stubborn, innocent boy like I was yesterday. I can’t believe that a coin slightly changed my life. Even though the twenty sen coin was not enough for me to buy my dream, it drove me somewhere that I never discovered before. I found what I wanted in life since.

My advice for those who are still struggling in achieving their dreams: don’t let the coin take your life, because you might not always get “heads”.

Follow the voice of your heart. It’ll lead you to where you should be.

written by alive13 on 2012-11-05 #lifestyle #fisheye-2

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