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Two man team “First of May Studios” runs an illustration blog. Their brain is filled with fantasy, in their tiny kingdom, one can find your innermost cells of cuteness and melancholy. Under the touch of their creative black and white pen strokes, what will the La Sardina DIY look like?

Q1. Please give a brief introduction about yourself!

Mao & Xi: Hi everyone! We are First of May Studios!

We are always under stressed from tight deadlines. We deal in design and illustration assignments. We recently completed William Wei’s second album cover design and the visual design for the One Day Rock Music Festival. Besides, we also design our own merchandise for sale (Small quantities of handmade, paper based products are available).

Q2. Can you share the thoughts behind your La Sardina DIY design? Does it have a name? What are the materials used? Where do you derive your inspirations? What ideals do you wish to convey?

Xi: The theme this time is more mainstream! Lomography advocates: Don’t think, just shoot. But we hope that people will think more, photography can express your ideas, of course the camera as well. I want to use the concept of “Shout” to express this issue, hence I drew horrified souls emitting from nuclear plants. “No Nukes” are drawn on both sides of the camera body and “核電歸零” on the flash.

It was drawn in pencil because there are too many baffling issues we need to contest in recent years, pencil marks can be easily erased and new topics written over it, it can be used like a blackboard!

Mao: Especially after Fukushima incident, do we really need nuclear power? No Nukes is what we need most now.

FOM’s La Sardina DIY

*Q3. What would your design be if you have another new La Sardina DIY it be vastly different from this one? *

Xi: We will definitely draw some comedic chubby face and develop it into our usual sad theme…

Mao: Hahaha!「Sardines make a fatty sad」?

Xi: But why is that so, we need to think it through seriously! We spend a lot of time discussing a theme, especially the copy, it must be witty, catchy, and matches the illustration!

Q4. After the exhibition, what do you want to shoot with your La Sardina DIY? Why?

Xi: When I first started with Lomo, I shot mostly landscape, after a while, I realized that I like portraits more! At this stage, I shoot mainly people, Mao, family members or Ball Ball (pet dog),more inclined towards lifestyle documentary! Because there is pressure if I limit it to a particular theme, and I can’t enjoy the fun of photography!(This logic works when drawing too XD)Maybe when I have an idea in mind in future, and everything falls into place naturally, I might shoot more thematic photos for fun!

FOM’s La Sardina DIY being created

Q5. Do you have any advice for those considering buying La Sardina DIY

Xi: If you don’t own a Lomo camera, La Sardina DIY is suitable to be the first one!!If you own many Lomo cameras, I am sure La Sardina DIY won’t be your last!!(You can’t buy them all)

Ok,the key point is that this camera uses a simple 2 zone focusing system, and convenient MX function, you can use the flash when there is insufficient lighting. You can consider this if you don’t have the budget for LC-A+

Those that aren’t confident of your drawing, fret not! It comes with transparent face plates. You can insert your favorite photos if you don’t want to doodle.

Q6. Can you share your plans for the next half of the year?

We are participating in a Taiwan Designer Week in mid Sep (9/15-16,22-23),we had prepared many new items(Postcards, T-Shirt 、Cards、Stickers), all are welcome to join in the fun with us!There is a Live Simply Festival in year end, looking forward to them! As for unannounced projects, please check out our facebook page firstofmaystudio, to find out what these two fatties are up to!

Xi: I am very happy about this collaboration with Lomography as I am a huge Lomography fan! I have many Lomo cameras at home!

La Sardina Wardrobe Exhibition

White color lets your imagination run wild,Lomography invited 9 Taiwanese artists from all disciplines to design an all new wardrobe for La Sardina DIY. Besides the beautiful exteriors, they also communicated some current affairs of Taiwan! Lotsa excitement to look forward to, this is how one can have fun with La Sardina DIY!Please visit the Taipei flagship store and sample Taiwan’s creative stories!

  • Exhibition Date:2012.09.21 ~ 2012.10.11
  • Exhibition Venue:Lomography Taipei Flagship Store
  • Free Entry

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