La Sardina Eight Ball in the German F.A.Z.


The German magazine “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” reports about our La Sardina Eight Ball, Fritz the Blitz, and about the times when the corner shop still showed the logo of ‘Schlecker’ (common drug store in Germany).

F.A.Z. is a national German daily newspaper. The issue of October 23rd features an article dealing with our beloved La Sardina Eight Ball in the category technology & motor.

They talk about Lomography and also the capabilities and details of the La Sardina and Fritz the Blitz are described. The author walks down memory lane, when drug stores could be found anywhere and had their own development service. He dreams of times when 35mm film was widely available and also having 35mm film developed was easy-peasy.

But just take a look:

Anyway you surely can make wonderful images with La Sardina cameras:

Credits: cornborn, kathepalacio, sobetion, hervinsyah, ccwu, ohpleasedontgo, suizidekid, camielioo & endorphin

Sophisticatedly dressed in its textured black coat, the La Sardina 8 Ball is the sexiest companion you can choose to shoot with. As Lomography’s first standard La Sardina edition, this snapper will have you experimenting with wide-angles and multiple exposures from now until forever! Get your own La Sardina 8 Ball!

written by frauspatzi on 2012-11-03 #news #analogue-photography #news #analogue-cameras #la-sardina #35mm-films #faz #tageszeitung
translated by wolkers

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