Buddha Tooth Relic Temple (Singapore)


Buddhist temple claiming to house a fragment of the Buddha’s tooth.

The Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum (BTRTM) was founded in 2002 by Venerable Shi Fazhao. It was registered by the Registrar of Societies in 20th February 2003, and as a charity under the Charities Act in 8th January 2004.

The temple is dedicated to the Maitreya Buddha, which means ‘The Compassionate One’, and also called ‘The Future Buddha’. There is a 15-foot tall statue of the Maitreya Buddha on the ground floor, in the main prayer hall. The tooth relic after which the temple is named after is housed on the fourth floor of the five-storey complex and can only be viewed at certain times of the day.

The roof has a beautiful, ornate Vairocana Buddha Prayer Wheel in the Ten Thousand Buddhas Pagoda, which is itself surrounded by an orchid garden – the national flower of Singapore. In all, the complex cost $59 million to build. All of it was raised by donations from well-wishers.

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