My Preferred Photos Tagged Halloween


A series of my preferred photos tagged “Halloween”. A series of photos taken “just for fun”. Enjoy!

This is a great portrait, a genial idea! I love the sharpness of the portrait, the double exposure and the vignetting effect!

Here’s another great idea. Great series, joyful and pleasant to see. Great use of the sprockets!

Credits: stouf

Wonderful colors with the cross-processing technique in the following image!

Credits: vicuna

The magic lens of the Holga enhances the two pumpkins!

Credits: sarahboat

A very good high key tones photo!

Credits: mandashitley

Very good minimalism, with only one subject! The most popular one!

Credits: stevenh72

Great perspective!

Credits: endowaty

Few colors for a great composition!

Credits: kylethefrench

A timeless black and white!

Credits: johnccc

Very good portrait, with great sepia tones!

Credits: alwaysae

Don’t fear the Halloween night!

Credits: neja

I love this light paint!

Credits: sixsixty

A ghost in the park?

Credits: mylatehope

Happy Halloween!

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