The Blagoveschenskaya Village


No geographical features are attracting more and more vacationers in the area of the Annunciation are most luxurious sandy beaches bordered by dunes. The coastline is flat, without bays and capes, and for this reason, and because of that there is no industry in the area of the Annunciation sea is always clean.

* Founded in 1836. The population of about 2 thousand
  • GPS coordinates of the Annunciation: 45 ° 05’N 37 ° 12’E
  • Nearest airport: Anapa train Station: Gostagaevskaya dock: Anapa
  • Distance (km) to Krasnodar: 203, to Moscow: 1535, before Art. Petersburg: 2235
  • Average water temperature in Celsius in summer: 22.2 Winter: 6
  • Sunny days per year: 360

The Blagoveschenskaya village is located in 39km of the Anapa city , 30 km from the railway station, 23 km from the international airport and 200km from Anapa Krasnodar. Sometimes it is called Blagoveschenka. The village is situated on the shores of the warm Black Sea, between Vityazevskim Kiziltashsky and estuaries, having access to the sea. Limani is a unique natural landscapes of Russia, are rich in medicinal mud and valuable species of fish. The shore is sandy, shallow, which allows even young children to be safe. This is the only beach on the Black Sea built by natural accretions of sand, it stretches over 40 km from Anapa to p.Yantar and mostly adjacent to the village of the Annunciation in a pronounced sandy spit. Sandy Spit is not a desert, but rather picturesque with shrubs, grasses and trees nizkorastuschimi silvery oleaster or olives. Tourists love these plants for their unpretentiousness and the opportunity to place their tents in the shade of these trees. More unusual is the fact that among the sand and salt water in the shallow layer of fresh water is contained. We must dig a hole less than meter and keys on all sides begin to beat and quickly fill it.

After falling for the first time at the beach you will not believe that you are in Russia: from horizon to horizon, just sand and sea, and resting here you will always have the feeling that you are on a desert island. Of course this does not mean that apart from you on the beach no one will be, but the reigning here is calm and peaceful atmosphere is so relaxing that evening did not even want to come back to my room, so here are nice and snug. Warm sand, gentle sunshine and of course the noise of the surf, only what you could wish here, so this is about the sweaty glass with pinokoladoy and colorful umbrellas decorate your cocktail. In contrast, Anapa, Sochi, Gelendzhik and other promoted resorts, beaches of the Annunciation can not boast many cafes, violating its music, your peace of mind. Annunciation – the place where the basic spa services, this unspoiled natural environment of sand dunes. This does not mean that in the evening you will be bored – in the immediate vicinity of the village are several dozen recreation centers, where the evenings are working discos, restaurants and cafes.

To complete the story it should be noted that there is always possible to meet fans of many sports: Paragliding, kitesurfing, windsurfing, scuba diving, jeeping – all this has long ceased to be a rarity here, a beautiful sea floor, with a lot of sunken ships at different times, with the rich underwater world, windswept beaches, good waves arriving in the south wind and the unique nature of the Annunciation makes an excellent choice for any type of recreation, including therapeutic, because Vityazevsky Kiziltashsky and estuaries rich in hydrogen sulfide, and has long been a source of healing mud.

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  1. wil6ka
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    yx tui! This is one of the greatest locations in a long time.
    so wild, so original.
    wonna go there with you!

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    If it was necessary to confirm LHOTD this is the proof, a fantastic location...not only for the place but also because I can get your fun across the gallery...

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    wooo !!!what a great gallery number 2 is a really great shot!!!

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    I agree, this is one of the better locations I've seen in a good while. Very informative on the location about what makes it special confirmed with a wonderful, and hilarious, gallery. I would love to go here based on this location alone.

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    I love it ! And watching the gallery, I'm hearing Goran Bregović music ! Amazing post !

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    I love the gallery! so hilarious, so random. great job!!!

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    this is great, and well-written/photographed!

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    Absolutely brilliant work =)) Super location!!!

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    i live 5km from here.. but this timei'm in Slovakia..

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