Hospital Health Scans are Intricate Works of Art


When you hear the terms CAT Scan and MRI thrown around do you shudder? The deafening clicking and whirring sounds of the machines where you have to keep completely still, avoid succumbing to claustrophobia, and dying of boredom in, are reasons enough to dislike these machines, however their technoligies are fascinating as artist Angela Palmer has discovered…

Image via Angela Palmer

Eery, beautiful… as most of our world is, these 3D sculptures by Angela Palmer comprise layers of glass on which real CT and MRI scans are etched onto and then assembled into the beautifully hollow yet mesmerizing pieces shown here.

Angela Palmer, Robert Harris Portrait 2, (2011)

Her series, “Life Lines”, are made up of some self portraits and those of others including novelist Robert Harris (pictured above) and one 3,000 year-old Egyptian male, Djeddjehutyiuefankh.

As stated in the official press release for “Life Lines”, Palmer’s work “reflects a fascination with how medical scanning techniques can be used to create alternative representations of the body and our perception of identity”. Palmer fascinations run deeper. Maps, visual topographies (both natural and manmade), and Science being among them.

Credits: mephisto19, filby & shura86

Are you inspired to create your own portraits with alternative ideas about and experimental takes on medical equipment? The human body is fascinating!

Information and inspiration for this article was taken from This is Colossal

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