La Sardina Wardrobe Artist - BaiLeSi's Naughty Little Monster

Besides beautiful totem tattoos, one can see overflowing happiness on BaiLeSi. BaiBai transformed the La Sardina DIY into a little vivid orange monster. Will the world become more colorful and brilliant when seen through it’s naughty viewfinder?

Photo from BaiLeSi / Photographer James Original Studio

Q1. Please give a brief introduction about yourself!

I am born in TaiChung and I love this warm and slow paced city but I will still lose my way here. I was in the retail business for almost 10 years, one day I just decided to pack up and leave this strange place forever and never come back! I had 3-4 bizarre relationships that lasted almost 10 years, one day I also decided to leave those weirdos and never contact them again!

2009 year end, I wanted to be the strongest and bravest person. I had a quiet new year countdown on a plane, and also to welcome a new me. I flew to Australia alone, acknowledging that I am imperfect. I felt so lonely then but my heart is full of smiles now thinking about it!

2011 – 2012,I think I had realized my dreams of happiness – I have the best husband, a great job, a bunch of great pals, and my most beloved self…to be continued.

Q2. Can you share your thoughts when you first see the all new La Sardina DIY ? Do you know how you want to design it right away?

I was very excited as it is like a canvas and I have some ideas immediately!

Q3. Can you share the thoughts behind your La Sardina DIY design?Does it have a name?What are the materials used? Where do you derive your inspirations? What ideals do you wish to convey?

I want the La Sardina DIY to be a colorful and brilliant accessory like myself! The first inspiration came from Raymond’s little monster t shirt, I tried to copy it, and the end result is quite cute (how daring), hence I hope to complete my work with it and name it “Naughty Little Monster”.

BaiLeSi’s La Sardina DIY

Q4. Are you satisfied with your creations? What would your design be if you have another new La Sardina DIY ?

Satisfied! If I have another La Sardina DIY,I hope that it will be fairy tale themed (and the fairy tale is written by me)!

Q5. A lot of people refrain from buying La Sardina DIY as they don’t have confidence in their drawings,do you have any suggestions?

No one is a born artist, I am one example, hahaha! But everyone own a piece of art as long as you are willing to share. Your creations are the best as long as you like it!

Creative process of BaiLeSi’s La Sardina DIY

Q6. Were you ever a Lomographer? To you, what is the value of photography?

I first knew about Lomo 10 years ago, the film buying process is exciting, I just want to finish shooting them all. The feeling of waiting for the films to be developed is like waiting for Santa on Xmas eve. Regardless if the end results are successful or not, they are all successful to me as every photo is unique.

Although a diary can record down one’s feelings and events at that moment, only photography can capture the atmosphere and mood. To me, that is the value of photography。This is very important! When I see a photo, I feel a sense of deja vu.

Q7. What is your most unforgettable photography experience or you most treasured photo? Why is that so?

As I have more experience beng photographed, my most unforgettable time would be underwater photography. This is what I had always wanted to experience but the water was too cold that day and I kept choking. In addition, the depth was too shallow. Although I was suffering inside, I had to look cool and artistic, it is not easy! I am not very satisfied with my performance then, I will try again if given another chance! Press on!

Q8. Can you share your plans for the next half of the year?

We are planning to go to a snowing country. I want to wear my wool hat, scarves and gloves; blow cool air into the sky in front of a church with colorful light bulbs. That’s all.

La Sardina Wardrobe Exhibition

White color lets your imagination run wild,Lomography invited 9 Taiwanese artists from all disciplines to design an all new wardrobe for La Sardina DIY. Besides the beautiful exteriors, they also communicated some current affairs of Taiwan! Lotsa excitement to look forward to, this is how one can have fun with La Sardina DIY!Please visit the Taipei flagship store and sample Taiwan’s creative stories!

  • Exhibition Date:2012.09.21 ~ 2012.10.11
  • Exhibition Venue:Lomography Taipei Flagship Store
  • Free Entry

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