LomoLab 2nd Year Anniverssary & Halloween Party at Lomography Gallery Store Tokyo

2012-10-26 1

Two years ago the “LomoLab” has opened its doors at the Lomography Gallery Store Tokyo. To celebrate this and the Halloween occasion, we held a big party at Lomography Gallery Store Tokyo on October 25th, 2012.

It was a Halloween costume party and our store staff chose the best costumes of the night – including the witch and the scientist who looked incredible!

The rest of the visitors looked really great too, have a look below at our photo gallery:

We invited a guest DJ for our party – Gofenoy played incredible music using a gameboy!

At the end of the party, we did a big lottery game. It was a national scale lottery, but there was a winner at our Party! Congratulations!

Thank you for participating in this event everybody, and thank you for great music!!


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  1. jrb223
    jrb223 ·

    The guy playing music in that photo goes by Note! I think, you can hear his music here: note.bandcamp.com/

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