Quick Tipster: How to Calibrate the Rangefinder of a Fed 5 or a Zorki 4 Camera

2012-11-07 2

The rangefinder of your beloved Russian camera is not calibrated? Here is a trick to adjust it quickly!

If the rangefinder of your beloved Fed 5 or Zorki 4 (or similar cameras) is not calibrated (for example for a bump or a fall of the camera), you can learn here how to adjust it!

Fed 5:

A) Push sideways (in the direction of the exposure cell) the metal plate marked “Fed 5” http://shop.lomography.com/fed-5-refurbished (number 1 in red in the picture below), to remove it (note that inside there is a small steel spring, do not miss it!)

B) Approximately in the middle of the sub plate there is a screw (number 2 in red). Point a vertical line (for example a pole) at least 300 meter far, with the lens at infinity, and turn gently the screws until you see a single line in the centre of the viewfinder). In some models the position of the screws might vary slightly, but it is always between the two windows of the rangefinder.

C) If there is also a calibration error on the horizontal lines, for example along the lines of a distant balcony, you can act (with a key) on the ring around the circular window of the rangefinder (number 3 in green). Please note that initially the ring can be very hard to rotate because it might be glued.

(Note: On a Fed 2, or in a Zorki 5 or Zorki 6 the nut in the point C is located under the metal ring of the rangefinder window, so you need to unscrew this external ring).

Zorki 4

A) Unscrew the screw marked with the number 4 in green. Inside the hole you will find another small screw for the calibration of the rangefinder, then point a pole or antenna and proceed as for the Fed 5

B) Unfortunately, for the calibration on the horizontal lines, in a Zorki 4 or 4k you must disassemble the whole upper part of the machine, an operation only recommended to experts!

(Note: In a Zorki 5 or 6 the calibration is made by means of a small screw placed under one of the two screws that hold the plate with the name of the camera; the calibration of the horizontal lines is like as for the Fed 2 calibration).

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  1. danbarry
    danbarry ·

    I learned about this the hard way. Having pieced together the little info on the web on how to do this on a Feb 5B i decided to 'explore' calibration myself. as my new Fed seemed to be way out of whack at anything other than infinity. Do be careful on the 5B as the eye piece prism is quite easy to knock which i did and was unable to get it to re-align ruining the camera completely. Thankfully thy're quiite cheap. This is a very useul article. Although would appreciate more photo's of the operation. Especially on the Fed as it requires a delicate hand and precision.screwing; one false move and its goodbye rangefinder. *sadface...

  2. quaisoir
    quaisoir ·

    It happened to mine.now it just sits on the cabinet. I think i might need to find time to dabble in this but i don't hv the steadiest fingers. :(

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