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2012-10-25 2

Andrus_N owns many cameras, but his absolute favorite is the Sprocket Rocket. Find out why after the jump.

Credits: andrus_n

I have joined the Lomography Community almost one and half years ago. Since then I have ended up with 7 cameras on my shelf, some of them produced by Lomography, some of them from flea markets around the world.

I definitely take each one out from time to time, but my favourite is still my first camera – the Sprocket Rocket. Absolutely love the versatility that funky retro looking camera offers. The great angle of the lens makes it my favourite. It is also a very simple to use camera with multiple exposures and an option to expose sprockets or not. For me it’s also great that it takes half the amount of frames on one roll, cause you can have a new film in faster and take the full one to your lab.

Credits: andrus_n

My latest experiment has been reshooting previously exposed films in my Sprocket Rocket. First round in Fisheye and the second round in the Sprocket Rocket to fill up all the empty parts of film that the Fisheye lens leaves around the frame.

The Sprocket Rocket is a camera for those who are beginners or need a really easy to operate camera that can produce hundreds of different shooting options for all the opportunities you may have around you! Just don’t forget to load it with some higher ISO film for best results – the rest just comes down to your own creativity.


Are you also in love with the Sprocket Rocket? Hit ‘like’ below and tell the world about it – We’d also love to hear your comments about the camera in the comments box below!

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  1. webo29
    webo29 ·

    @andrus_n thank you.

  2. andrus_n
    andrus_n ·

    @bananana was the one intorducing the Rocket to me in Lomoshop Berlin :)

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