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2012-12-08 2

Emma is a student by day, and works in a tattoo parlour by night. She lives in Dartford, Kent, and owns over 35 film cameras! Meet her and have a look at her brill shots here…

Vital statistics
Name: Emma Pierce
LomoHome: Ehmahh
Where I Live:Dartford, Kent, UK
Age: 20 (21 after 29th October)
Dayjob: Student & Part time receptionist in a tattoo shop.

How long have you been a Lomographer?
I have been a Lomographer for over 1 year now, first roll was shot August 2011.

What’s in your kit bag?
In my bag I carry a mix of cameras, because I cant pick just one!
Minolta Dynax 505si, Fisheye Baby 110 and maybe my Fuji instax mini 7. Lomography ring flash, Diana Flash plus hotshoe adaptor. Mini tripod. (My standard tripod goes everywhere with me in the boot of my car)
My favourite film, and I always carry two, Lomography xpro chrome 100.
Fuji sensia 100, and maybe a roll of Kodak gold for good luck.
Lomography note pad, I keep note of where and when photos were taken, and when I finish a roll.
…Believe me I carry a big bag!

In my own words….
I bought my first Lomography camera (which was a Fisheye Gold special edition) and shot my first roll with it back in August 2011 at a Car show. I will never forget that! Shortly after I started buying cameras left right and centre. I became obsessed. I searched through boot fairs and charity shops, good bargains are to be found, I also have found others unwanted vintage photos and negs, which I buy, I don’t want these memories to go into the bin! They’re part of history! This eventually led me to receiving my dads beloved Praktica and lens kit. I now own somewhere in the region of 35+ cameras (all of which I am trying to shoot at least 1 roll through), my favourite probably being the Lomography spinner. But I like to save that for special shots. What I love about film is the unpredictability of the photos, especially with doubles, the happiness when opening a set of prints from the lab and the doubles look amazing! I believe I’m quite active in the community because I believe in having a physical memory of a place you have been. I like to document most things I have seen. Film photos are special because most of the time you only get 36 to a roll, so you savour the moment. Most people can take a photo digitally now, but not many people use film and then have the physicality of a print, to know that photo was taken on film, and not edited in any way digitally is a proud moment.
Next, I am planning light experiment projects. Guy Fawkes night and halloween will be ideal! So keep your eye out!

Ones to watch:
jamie_reekie – Quite new to the Lomography scene, a pal of mine, but he has some good shots!
110 Is Not Dead – Just stumbled across this home, and some lovely everyday shots.
clickiemcpete – Never far from a good black and white photo!

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  1. 110isnotdead
    110isnotdead ·

    Hey, great article :))) thanks so much for the shoutout @ehmahh :)

  2. clickiemcpete
    clickiemcpete ·

    Nice article! Thanks for the mention too. :)

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