Meet the Staff of Lomography UK!


Introducing the lovely faces of our Lomography UK Stores! Find out a little bit more about the staff that help you with all your Lomographic needs! Based in London and Manchester this chirpy bunch guide you through everything analogue and host a mean party too!

Can’t figure out the difference between a Diana F+ and a Diana Mini? Need a hand loading your camera? Wondering what the hell sprockets are or whether we sell Polaroid film? The team at our Lomography UK Stores are here to help! Whether you’re a regular customer, a passer by or a disoriented tourist looking for an ATM, these are the friendly faces of Lomography.

Svala, Store Manager @ Lomography Soho, London.

Likes – Riding my bike (and overtaking racer- and fixie cyclist whilst doing it)
Dislikes – Flat hair
Your favourite camera – My LC-Wide and Contax G2
Favourite film – Lomography X-Pro Tungsten and Kodak Ektar 100
What you had for breakfast – Coffee…

Lee, Store Staff @ Lomography Soho, London.

Likes – Grainy black and white photos, coffee, cigarettes and terrible films.
Dislikes – Bad shoes, Cabbage, Mess.
Your favourite camera – LC-A+ and Olympus OM-1N.
Favourite film – Tmax 3200
What you had for breakfast – A large mocha and about 3 fags.

Rose, Store Staff @ Lomography Soho, London.

Likes – Pets, cooking, brogues, smoked salmon, under ripe banana’s and winning.
Dislikes – People barging me on the tube, sticky hands, over ripe banana’s and smelly towels.
Your favourite camera – Too hard. Probably my Holga or my Canon EOS300. I probably don’t own my favourite camera, hence why I buy more.
Favourite film – On an ideal photo-taking day: T64 35mm and 100/1000 Fuji RMS 120.
What you had for breakfast – 2 Egg Omelette with a slice of Sourdough Bread and a sprinkling of parsley. Everyday.

Gemma, Store Manager @ Lomography East London.

Likes – Getting out of bed to get something, then hopping back in and your sheets are still warm and badly stuffed foxes.
Dislikes – Ordering at a restaurant and immediately regretting it, thus having food envy for the rest of your meal.
Your favourite camera – I have two old Russian LC-A’s that I love but the LC-Wide seems to be my go-to these days. And I am nothing without my Fuji Instax Wide and Mini.
Favourite film – I’m currently in mourning for Lomography Xpro Chrome.
What you had for breakfast – Black coffee. Black like my soul.

Rebecca, Store Staff @ Lomography East London.

Likes – Cats, bagels, wearing a completely unnecessary ribbon in my hair and buying people presents.
Dislikes – Tea, coffee and cheesy black and white family portraits.
Your favourite camera – LC-Wide. I think the Sprocket Rocket is really underrated too.
Favourite film – Fuji Velvia.
What you had for breakfast – Toast with blackcurrant jam. The best kind of jam!

Max, Store Staff @ Lomography East London.

Likes – Since moving to London I like living beyond my means, getting lost on purpose and smiling to yourself when you are getting soaked walking home in the rain.
Dislikes – Crocs and not having enough milk in the fridge for a cup of tea and a bowl of cereal in the morning.
Your favourite camera – The LomoKino. It’s a beaut! And my Pentax K1000.
Favourite film – I’m a sucker for anything Black and White.
What you had for breakfast – We all know how drunk I was last night so naturally I skipped breakfast this morning for fear of throwing up at Bethnal Green tube station.

Hannah, Store Staff and Marketing Assistant @ Lomography UK.

Likes – Brightly coloured shiny things, vinyl, Autumn colours and 60’s patterns.
Dislikes – Mayonnaise, those wheelie suitcases that trip you up and people who eat kebabs on the tube.
Your favourite camera – Lubitel and my trusty Pentax ME Super.
Favourite film – Velvia 100.
What you had for breakfast – Toast and coffee.

Campbell, Store Staff @ Lomography Soho and East London.

Likes – Anime, Frozen Yoghurt, Film, Photography and the smell of a vacuum cleaner
Dislikes – I hate EGG… Feet and heights
Your favourite camera – LC-A+
Favourite film – Lomography X-Pro Tungsten.
What you had for breakfast – I had cereal and tropical fruit Granolas.

David, Store Manager @ Lomography Manchester.

Likes – Music- listening, watching, playing (poorly!). Coffee, Pizza.
Dislikes – Those megamixes they play at weddings, Grease, ABBA and most food.
Your favourite camera – Horizon Perfekt and Olympus OM-10.
Favourite film – Kodak Portra 160NC
What you had for breakfast – Pah, I wish I could get out of bed in time to eat breakfast!

Natalie, Store Staff @ Lomography Manchester.

Likes – Terrible jokes & Christmas.
Dislikes – Celery and Black Toilet seats.
Your favourite camera – LC-Wide and Pentax K-1000.
Favourite film – Kodak EliteChrome.
What you had for breakfast – Peanut butter and jam on toast with a cup of tea.

Victoria, Store Staff @ Lomography Manchester.

Likes – Music, travelling and jumpers.
Dislikes – That really, really fine rain that gets you soaked.
Your favourite camera – LC-A+
Favourite film – Ilford HP5+
What you had for breakfast – Toast and a cup of tea, (boring eh?).

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3 Newburgh Street, London W1F 7RE
Tel. 02074341466

117 Commerical Street,
London E1 6BG.
T: 02074260999

20 Oldham Street
M1 1JN
T: 01612282360

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  1. ibiza_hippie
    ibiza_hippie ·

    What a beautiful bunch! x

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    I would

  3. tonysykes
    tonysykes ·

    What a crazy and wonderful bunch of people!

  4. lomographyparis
    lomographyparis ·

    Hello Natalie...

  5. ibiza_hippie
    ibiza_hippie ·

    JB, behave!!

  6. desibel
    desibel ·

    Ahh if I lived anywhere close to London or Manchester I'd want to be friends with all of you!

  7. fredericdith
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    can't wait for the next paris x london staff meeting

  8. lgseastlondon
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    Ah @desibel, we wanna be pals too! Our guys in the Amsterdam store are pretty ace though!

    @fredericdith haha neither can we! let's make it happen!

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