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Here’s a quick dive into the band life of Swiss trio Old Gypsy Man’s Hat. Watch their music video shot with the LomoKino as well as Lomographs they hand picked from the community after the jump.

Old Gypsy Man’s Hat Performing

Tell us how the name Old Gypsy Man’s Hat for the band came about.

We needed something fresh, something odd and new, something that has flow while saying it. Finding a band name isn’t that easy as it seems. One time we were on the internet strolling through clips then a video of an old hobo playing some weird instrument showed up. Alex just saw the dirty hat lying in front of that old man and it just popped out of his mouth: “Old Gypsy Man’s Hat”.

Can you tell us a little about the members of the band, and how you guys met?

We are three guys in our band. Beat, Sascha and Alexander. Beat Schenk plays the keytar (It’s a synthesizer which you hold like a guitar) and is the lead singer. Then Sascha Schwegler is the drummer and a background singer. He loves playing jazz, salsa and creating complicated and weird beats on this drum kit. Alexander Grünig is the guitarist and a background singer too. He is a funk fanatic. We all met in secondary school while playing in the school band.

How would you describe your music?

It’s very difficult to describe our music. But the best way to describe it would be funk punk rock, or like we say; fisting funk punk. Each and every song has its different style. But the most important thing in our music is, to get the audience to move and not just stand and stare. We make music, where you have to begin stomping your feet while listening to it.

What is your audience like?

Our audience could be anyone. It’s really tricky do describe the people who come to our gigs. Our listeners are very random. For us it is also very important to be close to the audience. After performing, we like to hang out with our listeners and have a good time.

You seem like you had a great time shooting the video for Tobacco with the LomoKino. Tell us about it.

Oh yes we really did! The idea of the clip was to just dress up in random clothes and costumes and just perform something weird in front of the rolling LomoKino. We shot it in the basement of a good friend, which is by the way a Lomographer too. He had huge boxes of old costumes and crazy clothes and we just dressed up like women, pimps, soldiers, hippies and stuff. To thank him we let him have a part in the clip, head banging with an elephant mask. While shooting it we had a huge fetish for fake mustaches, so you’ll notice a lot of staches while watching the clip. Before shooting, we had a problem with the light. As you know you need a lot of light while shooting with the LomoKino. So we organized two huge and bright lamps for it and while shooing you almost went blind when you were in front of the camera. We had an amazing time shooing it!

Where do you see yourselves as a band in years’ time?

We see ourselves having a good time performing regularly, releasing records and of course still being three crazy friends mixing funky sound together. Friendship is the most improtant thing in our band.

Credits: sushi_9009, mynameisjosch, goldie & hhjm

Are you more a vinyl, CD or digital download sort of gang?

We’re everything. But Beat and Alex have a fetish for vinyl records, so when our record will be completed, we definetely want it in vinyl too. But CD’s and digital downloads are very important.

Where will you be playing next?

We will be performing in November in Kreuzlingen (Switzerland) next. We are also competitors in a band contest. If we make it to the final we will be playing on the 24th of November in the Grabenhalle in Sankt Gallen (Switzerland).

Any big plans for 2013?

The biggest plan for 2013 is to release our very first record. We want to record it in spring. Other big plans are to play several gigs in summer and spread the word of fisting funk punk.

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