Enjoying the Autumn Forests


Autumn is the perfect season to walk through the nearest forests in our cities and discover their gorgeous spots, and give free rein to our analogue passion!

We have already said ‘goodbye’ to the summer, and autumn has come. Let’s not get depressed by the arrival of the rain and the incipient cold that is starting to show up. Autumn is a great season to take walks and discover exceptionally beautiful spots that we can only see during this time of the year. Let’s go to the forests equipped with our cameras and capture all that beauty!

Credits: lilithmoon

Nature turns to warmer colors: ocher, yellow and red colors get to rule the forest. Let’s forget about the gray, cold cities to refresh our senses.

Credits: lilithmoon

Let’s listen to the rustling under our feet, pay attention to the chestnut-covered ground and to the shy mushrooms that stand out from the fallen leaves.

Credits: lilithmoon

Let’s go around our forests to gather around later a fire to tell stories, eat chestnuts, and panellets. Let’s enjoy these little things that autumn gives us.

Credits: lilithmoon

Lomo on!

written by lilithmoon on 2012-10-31 #lifestyle #forest #autumn #paseo #viaje #otono #passeig #bosques #vida-en-analogico
translated by lintrs

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