Buddha Tooth Relic Temple


A place that will astonish you! A must go for locals and tourists alike, with its rich culture and history.

The Buddha Tooth Relic Temple & Museum is a living cultural monument in the heart of Chinatown housing what Buddhist leaders regard as the Sacred Buddha Tooth Relic in a magnificent Relic Stupa composed of 420kg of gold donated by devotees. Everyday the inner chamber will be unveiled at stipulated timings in a ceremony conducted by resident monks and the public can view the Relic Stupa.

The Temple is dedicated to Maitreya Buddha. Entering the breathtaking 27 feet high main hall of the temple, visitors can see the beautifully carved wooden Maitreya Buddha image. From the grandeur and fine detail seen in this hall alone, visitors can appreciate the work of dedicated craftsmen who contributed their skills to the building of this Temple. The architecture, interiors and statuary, are inspired by the Tang Dynasty, an era where Buddhism flourished in China in a golden age of artistic and cultural vibrancy.

Other highlights of a visit to the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple & Museum include the Buddhist Culture Museum, Eminent Sangha Museum, Tripitaka Chamber, Exhibition Hall where exhibitions relating to various facets of religious arts and culture of Singapore will be held regularly and a Theatre for cultural performances, talks and films.

It’s a MUST go for locals and tourists as well as photographers and Lomographers!

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  1. comezone
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    great gallery! amazing place...

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    great shots u got there! It's definitely a nice place for lomo. :)

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    i agree! great!

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    Incredibly beautiful shots ! Congrats !

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    most of them are special...

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    Superb gallery ! Congrats !

  7. renaishashin
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    Thx all!

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    Stunning photographs! So cool :D

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    @inspector_pepper : Thank you~

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