Stars Are Just Like Us!


We’re all curious about the lives of the rich and famous. What do they do when the cameras aren’t rolling? Do they just lounge around and be fabulous?

Turns out, they’re capable of doing everyday, normal people activities too!

Okay, so this isn’t exactly news given the millions of paparazzi shots that litter the Web and the tabloids today; but back in the day, great photographers have managed to snap images of icons doing the mundane, as well (and to greater effect, one must admit).

In fact, according to Slate, the great archive of Magnum Photos is teeming with endearing photographs of the stars. Here are some of the highlights:

Is that Manilyn Monroe cleaning up after a dinner? Credits: Bruce Davidson/Magnum Photos
Jane Fonda has no in-house chef? Credits: David Hurn/Magnum Photos
Andy Warhol actually shopped for the soup cans? Couldn’t he have it delivered? Credits: Bob Adelman/Magnum Photos

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