The Great LC-A Race Recap


LC-A Race what? The LOMO LC-A is 25 years old already? Been hiding under a rock or just new to Lomography? Never fear as we will give you a quick recap on what this whole thing is all about!

Let us start off things by saying good morning and welcome to The Great LC-A Race! Its been a wild ride so far for all of us here but I’m sure some of you are a bit confused on what exactly is happening, given the enormity of this whole endeavor. We will be recapping some of the finer points of the Race here in detail so that everyone, both the contestants and the rest of the community, will know what’s up.

Who are involved in the Race and how were they chosen?
It all started with mattcharnock's brilliant idea of having a worldwide effort of shooting with the LOMO LC-A+ which coincidentally, celebrates its 25th Anniversary this year.

As with all things, this idea evolved into something much bigger and even better. Thus, The Great LC-A Race was born. The premise: 100 Lomographers shooting around the world.

We sent a callout for interested shooters and we got a load of them! There was no favoritism here, folks! We divided the 100 Lomographers into 10 teams of 10 people by geographic proximity so that the logistics could be easier.

How many stages will there be?
Since there are 10 people to a team, there will be 10 stages all in all.

How will the winner/s be determined?
The winners, both per stage and overall, will be determined by panel of judges namely stouf and ananditya, who were the winners of our Locations rumble back then, mattcharnock, the evil genius behind this whole thing, silvergwen, the Locations editor of the Magazine, and myself

We will announce a winner with each stage as judged by us. The winner of stage will be judged by the quality of their work:

  • Number of Locations
  • Quality of Locations
  • Remoteness of Locations

As for the grand prize, the judging will be:

  • Based on combined team Locations – quality of output
  • Logbook completion – are all the journal entries per participant complete?
  • Customized Camera design – blow us away with your designs!
  • 500 fat piggies divvied up by the whole team (50/participant)!

What Stage is the Race in now?
Right now, the Fifth Stage is on the wraps. Shooters are stretching their legs and raring to go to the Sixth Stage! So for all you spectators out there, just sit back and enjoy the ride!

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