Vintage Halloween Postcards


How many of us still send or receive postcards for Halloween? Not a lot maybe, which I find kind of sad, as these cards used to be really interesting works of art. Take a look at some beautiful vintage postcards to see what we’re all missing this coming spook-season!

I know, you must be thinking—I never seem to get tired of postcards, don’t I? It was just last week that I shared some interesting time-bending postcards of the year 2000 from 1900, and also some postcards from famous authors. I’m now at it again with these vintage Halloween postcards, and why not—we don’t get to see, let alone send or receive Halloween greetings as often as people from years past used to. Just take a look at some of the intricate and beautifully made Halloween greetings I spotted:

Images via Retronaut and riptheskull on Flickr.

Witches, black cats, pumpkins, and children in frolic have always been the symbols of the occasion, as we can all see from these postcards. However, it’s interesting how some of these were about some Halloween superstitions like seeing the face of your fated partner in life on the mirror on Halloween.

If you liked these, you might also enjoy browsing through Flickr user riptheskull's massive collection of vintage Halloween postcards!

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