Lomo Kikuyu Update: Dr. Faith Masila


As an update to our Lomo Kikuyu project, we introduce you to Dr. Faith Masila. Through the scholarship she received from Lomography, facilitated by Light for the World and the University of Nairobi, she was able to begin a masters degree program in ophthalmology.

In 2009, Dr. Faith Masila began her masters degree program in ophthalmology at the University of Nairobi. During her studies, Dr. Faith Masila observed eye treatments at Kenyatta National Hospital and she prepared patients before surgeries. Clinical practice was complemented by what is called safaris among Kenyan ophthalmologists – these are outreaches with mobile clinics to regions lacking sufficient supply of eye care services. During her first outreaches in the towns of Garissa and Litein, Dr. Faith Masila got to know the basics of cataract operations. Safaris are a key factor in providing the population with medical care, as more people can be treated, and also for the students who have more chances to practice in differing environments.

Dr. Faith Masila carrying out cataract surgery in Sabatia

Students were also invited to attend the annual conference of the Ophthalmological Society of East Africa where recent developments of eye care are discussed. At the end of her first year, Dr. Faith Masila completed an internship at Sabatia Eye Clinic in West Kenya, where she expanded her knowledge and actual experience regarding operation techniques. This is what Faith Masila has to say about her first year: “I am very grateful to Light For The World and its partners for granting me full sponsorship to enable me to undertake this course and trust in their continued support for the remaining academic years.”

Adjusting the microscope before surgery in Litein

Dr. Faith Masila then went on to to go to outreaches with staff of the Kenyatta National Hospital. “The eye hospital is involved in conjunction with various non-governmental organizations in carrying out eye camps for the local communities", Masila explains. "The patients receive eye treatment and surgeries for free or at subsidized costs as most of the locals are unable to afford eye care. I was involved in several of such camps during the period of elective term. I also had an opportunity to go to a school for blind children where we reviewed the various eye conditions that they had and offered the relevant treatment.”

Seeing patients in the eye clinic

After passing the international exams organized by the International Council of Ophthalmology (which ensures the high standard of the education) in April 2011, Dr. Faith Masila took her theoretical studies further and went on to work on the research proposal for her thesis and with rotations at Kenyatta National Hospital and surgical outreach safaris. During continuous medical education sessions offered by the Ophthalmological Society of East Africa, students had the chance to hear lectures by practicing ophthalmologists, some of them from abroad. The discussions serve the students “in enlightening us on the best ways of managing conditions us on the best ways of managing conditions based on experience and literature.”

In her third year, Dr. Faith Masila conducted her research and continued rotating in the eye ward, eye theater and eye clinic of Kenyatta National Hospital. Her second elective term, this time at the eye unit of the P.C.E.A. Kikuyu Hospital, enabled her to compare practices of different eye clinics and to enhance her operating skills which she had acquired during her first elective term.

Seeing patients 1 day after cataract surgery in Garissa

In August 2012, Dr. Faith Masila had her final examinations – and passed. “Having completed the course, I now look forward to working at a hospital with an eye facility as an ophthalmologist in providing eye care to prevent visual impairment and blindness. I am very grateful to Light For The World and its donors for having fully sponsored me to do the course and I am eager to apply the skills learned from the course to assist those in need of eye care.”

Dr. Faith Masila now works as an ophthalmologist at the Eye Unit of P.C.E.A. Kikuyu Hospital in Kenya, applying her skills in providing eye care.

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