Lomography Earl Grey B&W 100

2012-10-26 1

This small review is devoted to Lomography Earl Grey B&W 100

I was taking photos using different black-and-white films, on modern ones and not very. I had some experience with Lomography B&W 100 and, if I’m not mistaken, it was changed to Earl Grey and “Lady Grey”http://eur.shop.lomography.com/films/lomography-film/lomography-35mm/lady-grey-400-35mm-pack-of-3 . I haven’t got acquainted with Lady Grey yet, but I think that soon I’ll make up for lost time.

Credits: fish300

The film pleased me very much. In my opinion, Earl Grey is the worthy competitor for famous brand-names, such as Kodak and Ilford. A little bit of granularity, the perfect contrast. There are no problems with development. The film is not very thick, it easily gets into the two-spiral Soviet tank.

Credits: fish300

The period of time, which is spent on dipping the film into developer, is on this great site . There are almost all the films and developers on this resource. I developed the film in D-76 (Albom №1 ) and in Rodinal 1+50 (Albom №2 and Albom №3 ).

I decided not to experiment with time and temperature. I changed nothing and I didn’t add anything.

Credits: fish300

I finished shooting all three films on Canon EOS + some old objectives. ISO was by nominal.

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