Zadar: the Town with the Most Beautiful Sunset in the World

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According to travel guides, Hitchcock was amazed by Zadar’s sunset. We spent the last week of September here, and were very anxious to see this famous phenomenon with our own eyes.

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The old town of Zadar is a fascinating place for those who like to history unravel before their eyes. Zadar is a really ancient town; it’s roots can be traced back to the Roman Empire; and was under the jurisdiction of several countries. Each era left it’s own mark on the town – the Communist Era included. In Zadar, the old town lived and changed together with the rest of the city. In some hidden corners, you can find modern, concrete buildings in the vicinity of centuries-old temples or several hundred-year-old ruins.

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Zadar, lying on the western shore of the Adriatic Sea, has a really prominent sunset. The sun goes down behind the islands in front of the city – so when the sun’s late, you can follow it’s descent for a long time. The fading, pinkish light of the setting sun gives a very gentle glow on everything. Shadows become shallower; the dim light makes everything looking softer. You start anticipating the evening – you still have a few hours before it gets dark.

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If you want to see the setting sun, there is no better place than the Monument to the Sun at the northwestern corner of the peninsula. This small square not only provides a magnificent view of the sea, but the Monument also makes it worth staying there after the sunset. The seemingly blank, circular surface (actually hidden lamps and solar panels) slowly comes to life and provides a beautiful light show, which you can watch without getting bored for a long time.

Credits: trychydts

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    Zadar definitely is one of my favorite places in Croatia!

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