Fascinating Medieval Era Maps


Maps, whether in analogue or digital form, have become important tools in man’s life, and even more so for those who frequently travel. We’d be lost without them, but did you know that they can also be fascinatingly artsy too, especially the ones from millenniums past? Take a look at some interesting ancient maps from the Medieval Era after the jump!

Credits: satomi

Maps—what would we travelers be without them? It’s almost every traveler’s nightmare to get lost in unfamiliar land, so a map is always in order whenever we’re out and about in foreign cities. Innovations in cartography, the study and practice of map-making, has been making sure that everything is as well-represented and accurate as possible. However, one cannot deny that antiquated maps from as far back as the medieval times are also fascinating works of art. Take a look at some of the most intriguing maps we’ve seen from a Retronaut capsule in the gallery below:

Meanwhile, Flavorwire has also found many more of these medieval maps which you can find here.

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All photos and information for this article were sourced from Retronaut and Flavorwire.

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