Please Don't Smile: A Portrait Series by Malte Wandel

2012-10-23 1

“Please Don’t Smile” is a series of full-body portraits taken by Malte Wandel over the nine months that he spent living in Ghana in 2011.

Please Don't Smile features an array of characters — some who Wandel knew personally, and some he spontaneously photographed on the street — providing an inside look on the lives of those living in West Africa.

Photo by Malte Wandel

“Discreetly, he approaches passers-by, places eccentric individuals and representatives of unknown subcultures centre-frame and allows us an unusual view into life and personalities in today’s West Africa. Directly and unmodified, Wandel’s work deals with a wide variety of characters and the circumstances of their lives – during their hard daily work but also in their leisure time. – About, Please Don’t Smile

Photos by Malte Wandel

Fascinating, isn’t it? You can check out more of Wandel’s work here.

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