Dry your Film in a Microwave.


When you develop film, the longest part is to dry it, Why not put it in a microwave and do it in 2 minutes?

When I develop film i can`t wait, when all the developing is done, and my film has to hang in my bathroom like forever.
So i Decided to take a risk, get it back on the developing Roll and put it into my microwave.
It did not explode. (maybe you use a test piece first, maybe it depends on the power of your microwave)

  • First cook it for 30 seconds,
  • Take it out when it is Steaming.
  • Let it cool down and do again.
  • Repeat 3 or 4 times.
  • So your film is ready for Scanning, developing or, whatever.

This are some results, shot with Canon AE1 on T-Max 400 pushed to 1600

Plus +

  • Extremely fast
  • No time for dust to sit on your lately shot rolls. (Except you fuck it up and drop your wet roll of film)
  • And I think I have less water stains than usual but I have to try it more often to prove this

Minus -

  • it comes out a little bit curly (don*t worry about that I will do a tutorial about ironing too)
  • I’m not shore if my insurance covers exploding microwaves.

Have fun and more time for shooting.

written by bongo_biene on 2012-10-25 #gear #tutorials #fast #lab-rat #tipster #microwave #self-developed-film #black-and-white #b-w #diy-developing #development


  1. adash
    adash ·


  2. roxanneross
    roxanneross ·

    seems like a nice idea.. are you sure this doesn't affect the film? and have you done this to colour negatives film?

  3. olutek
    olutek ·

    @roxanneross i did it with colour negative but before developing and photos was with a little pink colour and blur :3

  4. clownshoes
    clownshoes ·

    Ha nice

  5. roxanneross
    roxanneross ·

    @olutek i see.. thanks :)

  6. fartstorm
    fartstorm ·

    Maybe not such a great technique with steel reels.

  7. bongo_biene
    bongo_biene ·

    @fartstorm If you try take pictures, and wear security glasses.

  8. 134340
    134340 ·

    great result!

  9. bongo_biene
    bongo_biene ·

    here are some more results of this roll www.lomography.ru/homes/bongo_biene/albums/1904722-salon-ki…

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