Perfect Pairing: Mixed Film Pack 120 and the Diana F+

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The Lomography Mixed Film Pack comes ready with 3 rolls of film for most any situation. Now, pair that with the legendary Diana F+ and you’re sure to get eye-popping results!

Credits: noe_arteaga

The Lomography Mixed Film Pack comes with 3 rolls of some of Lomography’s best emulsions: a 200 ISO slide film that is great for daylight shots; a 400 ISO Black and White film that is great all-purpose film for any lighting situation; lastly, a roll of 800 ISO color negative film that has rich colors and is perfectly suited for when the sun goes down! All of these rolls offer something a little different, but the Diana F+ always brings out the best in them!

Let’s start of with Lomography Color Slide 200 Xpro film. This is absolutely one of my all-time favorite emulsions! When cross-processed, it always adds the perfect amount of saturation and the color shift tends to go from a bright gold to a sanguine green. The scale usually varies, but from my experience, you get a greener shift if your shot is slightly underexposed. This can sometimes happen with the Diana F+ your in a dark situation and use a flash. However, it still provides amazing saturation and colors that POP! Of course, I prefer shooting this film in daylight to get those amazing golden tones.

Color Slide 200: “I eat light! Feed me!”

Notice the last 2 photos of the set above. Those are both shot at night with a flash. The first of the two has a more green tint (slightly under exposed) while the second has more warm golds (multiple exposure=more light). Though I would recommend Color Slide 200 for daylight, it sure gives your night shots a punch!

When I got my first Diana F+ (I have 8 now!), The Great Satomi recommended a 400 ISO film to start off with. It’s really easy to get a great shot by loading your Diana with a 400 ISO film because you simply follow the aperture guide at the bottom of the lens. This makes the Lady Grey 400 in your Mixed Film Pack your perfect all-around film.

Use it morning, day, or night!

Lady Grey is able to pick up over 50 Shades of Grey in your shot. Really, the tonality of this precious Black and White film is superb. A slight over-exposure will also introduce incredible contrast to your photo like any pro-grade BW film! Using Lady Grey with your Diana is as easy as 1,2,3 because the 400 ISO is great for any situation. You can also rely on the fact that, all though it seems like an every-day film, Lady Grey will always provide any kind of shade, low grain, and amazing detail!

No film pack is complete without a speedy roll and the Lomography Color Negative 800 is certainly up for the challenge! Perfect for you night-owls, party-goers, and stay-at-home-ers, CN 800 never disappoints. It has great color reproduction and picks up ALL the ambient light. It works perfectly with your Diana, EVEN IN DOORS!! Of course, add a flash and watch as your photos come back illuminated perfectly!

I LOVE using Lomography CN 800 with my Diana & Flash!

So, whether you are thinking about getting a Diana F+ or already have one and are looking for a new film to try, Lomography Mixed Film Pack 120 offers an unlimited amount of awesomeness! With it, you’ll be ready for any situation and you can rest assured that you’ll get something good on each and every frame!

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  1. grazie
    grazie ·

    very well written! I will try this film pack.

  2. noe_arteaga
    noe_arteaga ·

    Thank you, @grazie! It's a great pack because it offers all those options, but since you shoot a lot, might as well get 3 packs of film, 1 of each!! LOL

  3. myloft
    myloft ·

    thanks for the article.. been contemplating a purchase of the Diana F+ and its getting more tempting!

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