10 Weird Yet Awesome Vintage Halloween Costumes


If you haven’t decided yet on a crazy costume to wear for that upcoming Halloween party, we have some interesting stuff you might draw inspiration from. Find out what some quirky people from many decades past decided to wear for Halloween after the jump!

A few days more and it’s going to be Halloween—the time of the year where every one is free to dress up as crazy, shocking, or strange as they want. Many now comment on how the usual Halloween get-up has gone from scary to sexy, so it’s about time everybody starts turning the trend back the other way, don’t you think?

If you have plans to go to a Halloween party but have not yet decided on the shocking look you should go for, why not try something bizarre? Flavorwire has recently curated some creatively freaky Halloween looks by revelers from yester-decades that certainly put costumes these days to shame. Click through this gallery of the 10 best from the collection and be inspired (or floored, even):

In order: Side of Bacon, Queen of Clubs, Chicken Man, Egg Lady, Pair of Eyes, Gnome and Toadstools, Lady Lettuce, Mr. and Mrs. Telephone, Little Miss Biplane, and Mr. Fly.

I’m torn between the Chicken Man and the Egg Lady as my favorite (almost begging for the perennial question, “Which came first?”), but maybe you have a favorite among all these delightfully weird Halloween looks, yes? Tell us about it with a comment below!

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  1. saintempire
    saintempire ·

    chicken man all the way!!! :))

  2. kleinerkaries
    kleinerkaries ·

    Humpty Dumpty and the Fly :D

  3. stratski
    stratski ·

    Yup, chicken man rules! Egg lady is fun, too, but she won't be able to enjoy a drink without arms...

  4. lomonesia
    lomonesia ·

    pair of eyes is the best!

  5. davidpowell
    davidpowell ·

    I like the phone people, no effort, maximum ridiculousness.

  6. upstart_thunder
    upstart_thunder ·

    Super awesome

  7. diomaxwelle
    diomaxwelle ·

    The mushrooms with the elf-man-person just reminds me of the movie Jack Frost (the russo-finnish one). You know. The MST3k episode. XD

  8. ihave2pillows
    ihave2pillows ·

    wicked lol

  9. schlogoat
    schlogoat ·

    Mr and Mrs Telephone! What the-...

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