Agfa Vista 200 110: Back to my Childhood!

2012-10-24 3

My first photos (which I’m aware of) were taken with a 110 film, and I just had to shoot this format again. Didn’t think I’d get that opportunity again until I found these abandoned films in a shop!

Some of my photos as a child were taken with a 110 camera that my uncle had and with which I had pretended more than once that I took photos with it. The camera ended up getting lost during a move, and we never heard of it again, but I still keep the negatives and the photos, and I loved those pictures.

I wanted to shoot that format again, the simplicity of loading the film and advancing it, seeing the mini-negatives, I loved it!

And my opportunity came. I found some Agfa Vista 200 films on a shop in Vallvidriera. In fact, I saw them the first time when I bought some 35mm films, but my curiosity hadn’t aroused that much yet… besides I didn’t have any camera to use them!

But two years later after that visit, I got an Agfamatic Pocket 2000, almost given away! I needed films to make it work and I remembered my visit to Vallvidriera… would they have them yet???

And there they were! I bought them, they had been expired for 8 years, and they had been kept in a cardboard box in an attic of the shop… would anything come out of them?

And here is the result of the photos!!! I was surprised by the result, I can barely notice if the time and the conservation have affected the colors (some expertise would help…)

Credits: yomimmo1

I tried to take the photos under the best possible light conditions, because of the old films, as for the low-light and no-flash camera.

I have the feeling that most of the photos have a lot of grain, I am not sure but could it be because of the size of the negative?

Credits: yomimmo1

I like the result of the colors of the portraits with good light… maybe there was too much light, but I love it!!!

Credits: yomimmo1

This was the return to 110 after a long time… and it won’t be the last!!!

written by yomimmo1 on 2012-10-24 #gear #agfa #review #vista #110 #iso-200 #caducada
translated by lintrs


  1. superlighter
    superlighter ·

    lucky find!

  2. yomimmo1
    yomimmo1 ·


  3. sirio174
    sirio174 ·

    Some days ago I found an Agfa Vista 200 for my Kodak Instamatic (126 format!)

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