Excitement about the DigitaLIZA Scanning Mask 120


Some time ago I bought for my Spinner and Sprocket Rocket the DigitaLIZA for 35mm and this became my preferred way to scan negatives. Now I finally bought the DigitaLIZA for 120mm and I can only say: SHE IS WORTH BUYING!

When I held in my hands the DigitaLIZA I just developed two films in medium format. I patiently awaited the return of the films from the laboratory to test the mask.

The placement of the negative in the 120 DigitaLIZA even easier than for the 35mm negative- DigitaLIZA. So off into the mask, into the scanner and also I was also pleased that finally nothing is cut from the negative.

I always save my analogue photos with a slight negative edge and then a white border around. So it is obviously a very important point for me because it annoyed me every time with my normal scan mask!

Scanning the two film rolls made ​​me so very very happy!
Here are my favorite pictures of the first two films scanned:

Pentacon Six with Kodak Portra 160

Credits: pearlgirl77

Diana F+ with Lomography Redscale 50-200

Credits: pearlgirl77

written by pearlgirl77 on 2012-10-26 #gear #negative #review #enthusiastic #digitaliza-scan-120 #digitizing #simply-mask-scanning
translated by pearlgirl77

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