The Lomographic Halloween Legend

2012-10-30 1

Halloween is fast approaching and we must be prepared Lomographers. Keep your cameras loaded with a roll of high ISO or something terrible might happen. Pay close attention and learn about the terrifying Lomographic Halloween Legend.

On Lomographic Halloween night the spirits visit the homes of their relatives. To not disturb the spirits, lomographers must have their cameras loaded with a high ISO film for perfect dark shots (ISO 400 or higher recommended). If lomographers have their cameras on hand and capture the spirits, they won’t bother them; but if not, the spirits disturb them at night and make them have terrible nightmares.

Credits: sye, tio_javi, fafascinado, helenga, antea, lola_juanlu, robter, deprofundis, susielomovitz, minilidia, yomimmo1 & elvismartinezsmith

Beware lomographers and have your cameras ready to capture the scariest Lomographs o the year!

Lomo Halloween On!

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