Testing New Cameras from My Terrace in Rome

2012-10-25 6

I have to let you know that I live in a very small house, but I also have a huge terrace from where almost every day, I can enjoy beautiful sunsets. Every time I test a new camera, I take the first frame of the film from my terrace.

When I have to test a new camera, I don’t have any patience so I take a picture as soon as I put in the film. And that’s what I did with the Olympus OM20

The Yashica FX 3 Super 2000
The Lomo LC-A
The Ricoh Hi-Color 35…
…with Lomography X Tungsten
Credits: silviaphoto77

And, I know that this does not make any sense, but I also do it with B/W film. Here, the Agfa Silette with the Lomography Lady Grey B&W 400.

Credits: silviaphoto77

With the Kodak Retina IIIc (this time at sea), but due to a malfunction of the camera, I could take the sun at various stages of the sunset.

This one is my favorite!

So, in case you have plans of coming to Rome, let me know and maybe I can offer you a glass of wine with an awesome panorama. :)

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  1. jimjimm
    jimjimm ·

    excellent invite...:)....!...

  2. superlighter
    superlighter ·

    prenotato! ;-)

  3. silviaphoto77
    silviaphoto77 ·

    @jimjimm Thanks :)

    @superlighter Segnato!

  4. trincheiras
    trincheiras ·

    i want to live in your terrace! permanently ;)

  5. kneehigh85
    kneehigh85 ·

    Love this article!

  6. silviaphoto77
    silviaphoto77 ·

    @trincheiras :-)

    @kneehigh85 Thank you!!

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