Surrounded By Music: A Glimpse into the Seattle Scene


I need to go to more shows and concerts. While it is never hard to find something to do in Seattle, choosing one thing is even more difficult! Grab your cameras and explore the music-filled nightlife of Seattle

When I learned what we needed to write about for our next City Slicker task, I totally thought to myself, “Yikes, I rarely ever go to shows and what do I know about music!?” Luckily, I am very fortunate to have friends that have greatly influenced my perspective on music. Going out and exploring the music scene in Seattle with friends is what it is all about!

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Music is everywhere. In Seattle, you will always have a hard time choosing which bands to check out this weekend or any other day for that matter. There are always shows and concerts playing throughout the city. My friends started taking me to shows in high school and I loved it. My first show was at this venue called Neumos and I went to see Kings of Convenience and Feist. I have gone to countless shows, but I have always missed a ton of shows that I would have absolutely loved to have gone to. Regardless, whenever I get the chance, I try to make it to see friends play. Not to brag, but some of my friends are rock stars.

Credits: herbasaurus

Honestly, I could not escape music. And I love being surrounded by it. One of my favorite things to do, though I do not do it often enough, is to go out singing with friends. I am talking about nitty gritty karaoke! Here are some pictures I felt were relevant, since Halloween is coming up.

Credits: herbasaurus

Music always brings people together and karaoke is always fun. BUT, what about adding costumes, food, and Dance Central? This chaotic mix was a fun and memorable night! A friend of mine, Eva, invited me to her friend’s Halloween party. Not necessarily knowing what I was getting myself into, I agreed. I dressed up in this weird white ninja costume I found earlier that summer near a dumpster. We danced, met new people, sang songs together, took pictures of our silly costumes. It was great!

Another awesome thing to do is go out dancing in Seattle! There are a variety of clubs playing dubstep, funk and soul, 90s jams, hip hop, whatever suits your fancy for that night. Come to Seattle and bust a move on the dance floor. I love the heavy bass and “shaking it like a Polaroid picture”. From the downtown area to Capitol Hill, you have various places to bump and grind to your heart’s content. I’ve never had anyone to do that with, I generally dance solo.

Credits: herbasaurus

You always have to keep your eye out on which bands are playing, which events are coming up, which venues your friends are playing at, if any new artists you want to check out is in town, or just keep track of which nights you can get your karaoke fix. If only I could be in multiple places at any given moment. These decisions are tough, but the Seattle music scene is alive and constantly growing. While it may be hard to keep track, you can definitely find some music to enjoy. I also enjoy lounging at home, relaxing to some music. Just remember to be aware of what is going on in the music scene in your area! Or come visit Seattle and I can show you some of my sweet dance moves.

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