Lomography's Lovely Dark Side

2012-10-21 5

Those mysterious dark hues on the corners of your Lomograph, that one accent we would not mind having every time!

Oh yes, vignettes! That trick-slash-surprise we all love to see in our beloved analogue photos. Such a beautiful part of Lomography, right?

And here we are giving you a gallery of 50 Lomographs which all contain intense vignettes! Enjoy everyone!

Credits: filby, tomkiddo, kylewis, bravebird, mephisto19, coca, istionojr, mylatehope, natalieerachel, inthesky, superlighter, shoujoai, dreamseller, jazzgarden, yarn, joshsoskin, noe_arteaga, original_j2, icomewhenieatcaponata, kleinerkaries, amikamerami, flick, feelux, tiano, jcasserino, panelomo, reneg88, scorpie, jezzyjung & cheeso

I’m pretty sure you have more vignette bearing Lomographs there, so come on and let us see!

written by mayeemayee on 2012-10-21 #lifestyle #vignette #photos #community #selection #gallery-post

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