Fisheye Baby Bauhaus: Fun and Convenient!


I wanted a Fisheye Baby when they were first released a few months ago, but as soon as I saw the Bauhaus version I was so happy I waited. Not only is this camera great fun to use – it matches my Fisheye No. 2 Ripcurl edition just perfectly!

Credits: kneehigh85

I got my Fisheye Baby Bauhaus 110 just in time to take to London for the Olympics in August so my first few rolls were shot there. This camera is so easy to carry around, it is tiny and weighs next to nothing! I was lucky enough while in London to go to the sales on Oxford Street and in Monsoon Accessorize I managed to find a necklace made of pink and blue ribbon and silver metal, which has made me a perfect carry strap for this camera so I can ear it around my neck and be ready to shoot wherever I am!

Credits: kneehigh85

The thing I was most surprised about with this little camera (aside from all the strange looks it attracts when you are using it!) was that it errs on the side of overexposure. Obviously living in the UK I am used to dark and underexposed photos, whenever I use a toy camera with a fixed aperture and shutter speed – my Fisheye One seems to be particularly awful for it! I was therefore concerned that using this on dull days in London with just the 200 ISO Lomography Tiger 110 film that the shots would be too dark, but I have actually discovered that the opposite is true! All in all this combination of camera and film makes it so that there are hardly any underexposed shots, even when the weather is less than perfect. Of course you have always got the option to long expose if you think it might not be bright enough, which is a feature I just love about this camera and I cannot wait to use it to do a few night shots. I also haven’t used it with a flash yet, but this model does sync with one using a PC flash adaptor.

Credits: kneehigh85

All in all, my opinion of this little treasure after just 2 rolls is that it is a real gem of a camera and I cannot fault it. I also think that it is a reasonable price and it really couldn’t be simpler to load so makes an excellent beginners camera too.

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