Frisör Liebmann


Frisör Liebmann is probably the smallest hair salon in the world – and it is located inside a bar. In this salon, its easy to get a drinks while you are getting a haircut. To top it off, you can also eat inside the same bar/salon, talk about one-stop-shop!

On Fælledvej, a side street to Nørrebrogade( you can find the bar/café/restaurant/gallery/etc Gefährlich. Inside of Gefährlich resides a special little hair salon.

When you enter the establishment, you’ll notice the small room (approx. 6 square meters/65 square feet) with glass walls to the left. This is where the hairdresser Jakob Liebmann’s salon is. Jakob, who previously had his salon in a clothing shop, is a tall man in his late twenties – almost always smiling. He has some great properties of a hairdresser: he is a great at what he does and just as important, he is really pleasant to be around.

Having a salon in the same rooms as a bar, café and restaurant might sound a bit weird, but it has some advantages. You can easily get a cup of coffee, a cocktail or a beer while you are getting your haircut, and you can sit down in the café or the restaurant and get something to eat before or after your haircut. The salon is open most nights, so you can start a night on the town with a haircut, and it is a truly special feeling to get a haircut while drinking cocktails and watching people dance in the club behind you. I have nothing but the best recommendations for Frisör Liebmann – who resides in the smallest hair salon in the world. (Before/After pictures of me can be found by browsing my LC-A Race album ;) )

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  1. stouf
    stouf ·

    Cool shots ! And he really seems a nice fellow !

  2. magdalenagabriela
    magdalenagabriela ·

    great article! i'd love to visit this place!

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