HUSETS Teater (the HOUSE theater) is a theater, bar, concert venue and much more in the center of Copenhagen, located next to Central Station. The bar is divided into two areas, both catering different kinds of music and performance arts.

HUSETS Teater (the HOUSE theater) is a theater, bar, concert venue and much more in the center of Copenhagen. Founded in 1975 with a location on the fourth floor at Huset i Magstræde (“the House in Magstræde”) the naming of the theater was obvious. However, in 1995 the theater moved to a big building at Halmtorvet close to Central Station. In 2008 the leaders of the theater Plan-B (located at the old location of the HOUSE theater on the fourth floor at Huset i Magstræde) took over HUSETS Teater. Sounds confusing? A bit perhaps! The new leading team at the theater introduced a number of serious changes, and today HUSETS Teater is one of the most interesting cultural institutions in Copenhagen.

HUSETS Teater is divided in three: The theater, UNDERHUSET (the Lower House) and OVERHUSET (the Upper House).

The plays in the theater tend to be arty, intimate and interesting, with casts that vary from both well-known actors as well as upcoming and underground actors. Apart from plays the theater hosts different festivals each year.

UNDERHUSET is located in the basement, and has a big bar. Here you can enjoy a cup of coffee, a glass of wine or a beer before/after a play, but it is not just a theater bar. They host a large number of events: DJ nights, intimate concerts and on Thursday’s the infamous Klub Kærlighed (Club Love) which is a club concept where hugs, kisses and sweet talking will pay off with cheap (or free) drinks. This concept results in very special vibe, where everybody is nice to each other and the air is heavy with love – something very unusual at Danish night clubs – and quite a few people end up finding somebody to love each week (:

Finally OVERHUSET is a concert venue which is maybe best known for its jazz concerts arranged by Jazz Club Loco each Friday. Be warned though, these are mainly for serious jazz heads. The concerts are often extremely experimental and quite inaccessible, but if you are into experimental jazz this is a place where true magic can happen.

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