UK CitySlicker Sam: Bountiful Buskers


Busking is an essential part of the outdoor pedestrian landscape, so why not go out for a listen? Who knows who or what you’ll discover!

Name: Sam Fletcher

Age: 19

University: Trinity College

Location/Country: Oxford, UK


I hope you’re ready for this, because I think I might have written a metaphor: Music is like poetry of the air. Except, not being the biggest fan of poetry, that doesn’t make music sound as good as it is. Perhaps instead, music is like the cake of the air. Because everyone loves cake.

As you often get in university freshers’ weeks, places compete to get bigger and bigger names playing. Snow Patrol whipped students into a frenzy last year here, and don’t even get me started on the summer balls, where the budget for a single evening is probably more than it costs to run the health service for a year (potential exaggeration).

But just as good as any band, is a walk down Cornmarket street. Buskers descend on this small stretch to entertain the crowds, and they can be absolutely top notch.

I live for the days when the man with the portable piano and the jazz trio are there – what better way to pleasantly waste an afternoon than to grab a coffee (and by coffee, I mean tea) and just listen to the world go by?

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