Summer in Bulgaria: The Stone Forest (Pobiti Kamani)

2012-10-23 3

This summer, I was lucky enough to spend two weeks touring around Bulgaria with three other people in a brand new Chevy! Over the next few articles, I am going to share with you some of my photos from that trip, place by place. The Stone Forest is a natural landmark located in the Varna Province.

Credits: kneehigh85

The Stone Forest (or Pobiti Kamani as it is in Bulgarian) is just a 15-minute drive from central Varna. It is pretty well signposted from the motorway, which came as quite a shock to us as a number of sites in Bulgaria were not so easy to come by. There is a small car parking area beside the road, and you have to pay a nominal entry fee (around £1.20) to visit the site. Upon payment, a man tells you all about the phenomenon that is the forest.

Credits: kneehigh85

The Stone Forest is literally as the title suggests – an area full of trees, made of stone! It is not clear what has caused the formation of these stone “trees” but some are quite magnificent at 7 meters high and a few meters in circumference. It is generally agreed however that they are around 50 million years old, which makes them pretty amazing in my book. They occupy a space of 7 square kilometers and are sort of arranged in clusters, so you could spend a lot of time seeing it all. I personally think an hour or 2-hour visit would be sufficient.

Credits: kneehigh85

I would recommend a visit here to anyone staying in the area around Varna as it is such a rare site to see, and so hard to explain. It gives a great photo opportunity too. I would recommend a visit late in the afternoon however, which is what we chose to do, in order that you don’t get hundreds of random people in your lovely photographs!

Credits: kneehigh85

You can read more about the Stone Forest (including some big words about science and rock formation!) on the UNESCO site or on Wikipedia.

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    That is just beautiful :))

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    Ace photos. Loved this place.

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    Me too

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